Why data-driven strategies ?

You probably have no shortage of digital data. Indeed, you are probably overwhelmed by it. But do you have the right data? And do you know how best to use it? Here are 3 great reasons to review your digital data selection and monitoring policy.


1 Pour des strategies digitales imparables

Organisations are evolving in a digital environment which is, by its very nature, complex, in which we see a proliferation of digital channels (websites, social media, apps, search engines, push mobile, etc.), the overturning of traditional influencing paradigms, a constantly adapting competition market, etc.

In this context, traditional methods of devising your digital strategy, based on standing out from the competition and coming up with creative communications concepts, no longer work. This model merely projects the company’s vision of itself on to its environment and not vice versa, i.e. seeking to adapt the company’s digital ecosystem to its fast-moving and complex environment.

Only web strategies based on observing and understanding the behaviour of individuals (whether customers or citizens) are sustainable whilst maximising return on investment. It is therefore vital to gather and organise data which will enable relevant strategies to be drawn up.


Marketing and PR increasingly need to interact in real time with real events, known as real-time marketing. Now, whether it is a crisis situation or a business opportunity to be seized, immediate feedback about online activity remains segmented according to data sources: social listening on the one hand, analytics, media monitoring and other channels (customer relations centres, etc.) on the other.

To enable the rapid decision-making that real-time marketing and crisis management requires, what is needed is a centralised, global view of this data. The situation then also calls for expert data-interpreters.


2 Pour rester reactif par rapport a l actualite



In a digital environment offering an ever-increasing quantity of data to collect and analyse and an ever-expanding range of competencies to manage, you need multiple service providers and an ability to outline your own digital strategy and consolidate and interpret your reporting. Moreover, the various tools and web and mobile service providers out there mean there are now numerous data sources. However, this data is disparate and only viewed in isolation, which means you can never put it into perspective and thus get a coherent view of how your digital ecosystem is performing.

In the face of this increasing complexity, Bolero can act as your partner to collect, analyse and interpret all your data. You can manage your own strategies with a unique dashboard of KPIs (key performance indicators) for your own digital ecosystem based on heterogenous data sources:

  • Social data
  • Google data, SEO data
  • Data analytics
  • Mobile data
  • Media data, DMP data, etc.

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